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Today's vehicles are equipped with highly sophisticated electronic engine control systems. The computer receives information from a network of sensors and switches that tells your ignition, fuel and emission control systems what to do. At the first sign of any engine problems, such as rough running, low fuel economy or dashboard warning lights, be sure to get service as soon as possible. By tapping into your vehicle's computer and scanning for possible issues our technicians can check a multitude of engine components:

  • Ignition System

  • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)

  • Restraint Systems

  • Fuel injection System

  • Emissions

  • Electrical




Hainer’s Tire & Auto Repair – Engine Diagnostics & Computer Scans


Stop in today to have your vehicle scanned and checked for any potential issues.  Contact us today at (905) 934-2331 or to set up your next appointment for Tire and Auto Repair Services.  

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