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Bringing your vehicle to us for regular service is the best way for you to save money on automotive costs and save time on easily avoidable mechanical problems. Every car varies, so depending on what your specific vehicle may need, preventative maintenance can include any of the following measures:

  • Check Battery Cables, Clamps and Terminals

  • Check the following levels and add the recommended fluids as necessary:

    • Oil level

    • Engine coolant level

    • Brake fluid level

    • Power steering fluid level (if applicable)

    • Transmission fluid

    • Windshield washer fluid reservoir level

  • Check and/or Replace Fuel Filters

  • Inspect and/or Replace Air Filter & Cabin Air Filter 

  • Tire Balancing and Rotation

  • Inspect and/or Replace Brake Pads

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Check All Lights

  • Check Belts for Tension, Cracks or Wear

  • Check Hoses for Leaks, Cracks or Wear

  • Inspect the Engine and Under the Car for any Leaks

  • Check Tire Pressure on all Tires, including the Spare Tire and Inflate to Manufacturers Recommendations while cold

  • Inspect your Tires Tread Depth

  • Inspect tires for uneven wear or any object that could cause a puncture

  • Inspect and make sure all nuts & bolts are tight

  • And Much More!


To keep your car running longer, schedule regular maintenance for tire recommended and manufacturer recommended engine maintenance. It will help you avoid the problems that cost you extra time and money.


Hainer’s Tire & Auto Repair – Preventative Maintenance


Contact us today at (905) 934-2331 or to set up your next appointment for your Preventative Maintenance and all of your Tire and Auto Repair Services.  

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